BowlRiders Club – Austria

Bowlriders Club

Photos by David Kendlbacher @DVDBaker

Bowlriders Club – Sommerfest – August, 12th – 2023

Session at the Bowlriders Club

video by DVDBAKER

Sebi and BowlRiders overview

Matthew @mudguttz

Matthew @mudguttz

BowlRiders overview




Matthew @mudguttz

Sebi Fox @slim_seby

Sebi Fox @slim_seby  Footplant

Sebi Fox @slim_seby  Backside ollie

Sebi Fox @slim_seby  Ollie in

Matthew @mudguttz over the window on the brick vert extension

Victor. Slob plant

Olli. Iceplant

Olli. One foot to fakie

Tucek. Frontside feeble

Victor. Double nose grab tailblock