Ottone Bowl DIY – Lodi, Italy

Two years ago I started digging a pool in my town Lodi. The city authorized the skate association to do that but after a while I found asbestos in the dirt.. it’s not toxic but really harmful if you inhale it. I don’t know if you have that shit where you live, but it’s pretty big in Italy though. Somebody hid the asbestos back in the day. I quit with that. I wasted six hundred euros…

Swompton Bowl. 2013

Swampy’s Backyard Bowl – Swompton, England

“A lot of people have been down here. Some come and don’t want to skate. Some are scared to drop in. Most struggle to find speed, and all will eat shit at some point. I’ve seen a lot of heads bounce off the concrete, mine included. Some days I’ll have a skate and the bowl will kick my arse. People will come with their boards, but will leave with hippers, swellbows, bruises, cuts and of course covered in dust.
My bowl was a case of I wanted something to skate. I built it, I skate it.” – Swampy