Halloween Bowl Jam – Owl Bowl – Cologne, Germany

Halloween Bowl Jam in the Owl Bowl, at the NorthBrigade skatepark in Cologne, with beer, glüwine hot chili and a chilly concrete bowl, skating in the cold german night, on All Hallows’ Eve.

Jesus and his 14th, 15th, and 16th disciples. Photo: J. Hay

Day of the Dead girls Anna and Ari. Photo: J. Hay

Jesus and Tobi Hees. Smith grind. Photo: J. Hay

Alf. Frontside carve grind. Photo: J. Hay

Tobi Hees. 5-0 grind. Photo: J. Hay

Jo Gabler. 50-50 to yank in. Photo: J. Hay

Tobi Hees. Feeble. Photo: J. Hay

Jo Gabler. Back smith. Photo: J. Hay

Palermo Kalle. Invert revert. He didn’t pull it… too bad. Here’s what it would have looked like if he did. Photo: J. Hay

Sascha Spätgast. Crail through the pocket. He did another one better all the way through the pocket, but my flash died right then.
Typical Murphy’s Law camera curse. This one will do though. Headless Jesus approved. Photo: J. Hay

Jo Gabler. Backside tailslide. Photo: Tobi Hees

Halloweeners. Photo: Sascha Puetz

Teen Wolf. Photo: Sascha Puetz

Phillip “Teen Wolf” Ortsiefer. Photo: Sascha Puetz

Aries Riepelsiep. 5-0 through the fire. Photo: Sascha Puetz

Phillip Vollmar. Backside boardslide rock ‘n’ roll. Photo: Sascha Puetz

Shallow end Lurkers. Photo: Sascha Puetz

Ercüment “Jesus” Dolgan. Photo: Tobi Hees

Jesus grinds, no need to pray, the gates of pearl have turned to gold, It seems you’ve lost your way. Photo: Sascha Puetz

Jesus. Straight to the flat bottom. Photo: Sascha Puetz

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Supported by Moto City Skateboards and Wasted Box skateshop.