The Beauty – DIY Zürich, Switzerland

“After finishing THE BEAST this fall, for all of us it was as clear as a backside air that we needed a winter residence to pass this cold, ugly swiss winter. So please say hello to THE BEAUTY!

As we had finished the first building step, THE BEAUTY was ready for her first action filled night. A “MOTÖRHEAD ONLY” playlist, a bucket full of cheap, heated red wine and a good crew of friends was all we needed for an epic session.” – Nicolas Büchi

Luki. 7 foot long feeble on the pool coping of the concrete quarter.

Ivo on the otherside. Powerslide wallrides to fakie on a brick wall aren't easy!

Retro. Drop from the wood beam. Trick of the night! And he did it 3 or 4 more times, because he can and it's fun!

Schumi, the only one NOT drunk that night, having fun with back to the roof wallrides.

Ivo. Back tail.

Schumi tried to get the highest, but slammed his head a few times on the roof.

Möhre... having a lick.

Color photos above by Nicholas Büchi.
B&W photos below by Christoph Spiess.

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