Cherry bowl bash 666 – Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

Max Shrädder. Wallride yank off. Photo: Jacob Wallmountainer

The annual Cherry Bowl Bash took place on September 7th for the 6th time already. The Cherry Bowl is a DIY-pool project located in the Horst Club’s backyard, a place where mainly punk/ garage shows are held, centered in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. In spite of the bad weather conditions and the short term planning, a whole bunch of international shredders found their way to annihilate the bowl. Guys from all over Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Israel hit the scene.

Since the session was interrupted by heavy rainfalls, it had to be relocated into the club (of course there are ramps inside the club, duh). After about two hours though, the bowl was clean and dry again so that a wooden extension could be added for extra radness.

After a heavy second session including big wallplants (sick Max!!!), bone crushing head slams (Saxe survived!), spilled beer, blood and all kinds of liquids, the Midnight Jerks, Krause Glucke Weltverschwörung and Bikini Beach played at the club.

Bowl cleaners

Malakka – frontside crailslide

Jacob Wallmountainer – Backside lipslide


Fun fact: When I tried to escape from the bar at 7am to find a place to crash, I found HOAX teamrider Max, who killed the bowl for about five hours straight, lying seemingly lifeless in front of the fridge – no blanket, no carpet – just him on the wooden floor sleeping like a baby in this cold night. Sick!

Special thanks to our sponsors Love Me Skateboards, Frontline Skateshop, Confusion Skate Mag, Koloss Skateboards and a big shout out to Horst Klub, all the bands and of course Daniel Stadelhofer who is responsible for the whole action.

Article by Daniel Trendle @mist_erwilson
Black and White photos by Tobias Haussmann @tubugraphie
Color photo by Jacob Wallmountainer @j_wallmountainer

Cherry Bowl 666 – flyer artwork by Daniel Trendel