The Maya Pool Sessions

The Maya pool.
Built with love.

Alex Kaspar. Backsmith over the Lovebox. Photo: Tobias Haussmann

Marc and Maya

The first session full underway! Schalli with a backside lipslide. Photo: Tobias Haussmann

Russian 'gastarbeiter' (foreign workers). Photo: Tobias Haussmann

Jörg 'schalli' Schaller. FS over the hip. Photo: Tobias Haussmann

Marc. Yoga grind. Photo: Tobias Haussmann

Alex. Rock n Roll. Photo: Piper

Juli. FS Lipslide. Photo: Piper

Juli. Backside air. Photo: Piper


Marc. Bail.

Marc 'little swastika' - feeble to fakie over the Love Box. Photo: Pipe Shots

Juli. Shallow end grind. Photo: Piper

Marc does a FS rock for Maya.

Stefan. FS hip olllie.

Stefan. Lipslide over the Love Box.

Troendle. Crail grind.

Max Shrädder. Boneless transfer. Photo: Marc

Max Shrädder. Frontside grind. Photo: Marc

Photography by Pipeshots, Tobias Haussmann and Marc.

The building of the Maya Pool:

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