Trukentroef V – Vorselaar, Belgium

Trukentroef V  (September 4th, 2021)

For the fifth time already a lot of skaters and party animals gathered for another ‘Trukentroef’ in Vorselaar (Belgium) at the Ramses bowl and its ever growing DIY skatepark surroundings. Since the last edition a few new obstacles were built by Ratman’s crew and the locals: a new corner with a love seat including custom made poolcoping (thanks Tom!) + a nice bank with a little slappy on top of it, that make the park a lot more fun now. (Thanks for the concrete skulls, Shinto!)

Since the contest was postponed a few times, ‘cause of covid-restrictions, everybody was more than ready to make it a day to remember! Unfortunately we were forced to cancel the after party ‘cause the local authorities were skeptical about the amount of CO2 in the venue (wtf?…) but even that couldn’t stop all the daytime fun: Joachim from Tequila Tattoos organized his own ‘Death race’ next to the park on the football field by bringing two electric boards and giving the people doing the fastest laps some tattoo coupons. People from Holland and Germany showed up and skated their asses off all day long during several best trick sessions. (We also did an under 14 heat for all the young guns!) Because there could be no gigs in the evening we had a little surprise gig by ‘Slingshot Bikini’, a Belgian surfband lead by some local skatel egends! All local shops and brands gave us so much stuff we even had to do a lottery this year! As always the icing on the cake was our bowl jam: a hectic 40 minutes long skate-or-die festival/jam with nasty punk songs playing out loud, beer flying through the air and boys like Toon Dierckx, Nick Bax, Shredrick, Knoest, Pieter de Clus, Torreke, Tacco, Zoe… killing it more than ever!

Things got hectic when our drunk deejay thought it would be a great idea to throw a chair on our announcer ‘Spider’s head… While ‘raining blood (or chairs?) was playing, he could still give this year’s trophy to Shredrick while the dutch guys were popping fireworks to celebrate their champ! Thanks to everyone who came to help, to party, to flip burgers, to spin records, to give goodies to all the skaters (so many great sponsors we had!).… Hope to see you all again next time! We promise there will be a huge afterparty again by then with some awesome bands! (word’s out ‘Prince Beastly’ is already confirmed ha!)

Words by Koen Van den Broeck

Photos by Jo Van Esbrouck /@rafaelbrck

Nick Bax. Frontside ollie

Toon Dierckx. Lien to tail

Tor Van Eysendeyck. Frontside corner grind

Pieter De Clus. Backside boneless


Dieter Nijs

Tim Blijsterveld

Jeffke Gommers

Toon Dierckx

The Champ! Shredrick. Texas plant


Pieter (kickflip indy to fakie)

Nick Bax. Backside bluntslide

Bax and Nicola



The organizers