Schetg Gru Miniramp Jam – Laax, Switzerland – 2023

“You know I only get to see this from the sideline, because it’s the Schetg Gru, the locals from Laax’s event. I personally regard it as Team Trouble‘s little bro, because they set up a miniramp in the same club that TT parties go down. Also there was some art on decks and a bit of tattooing. Just all packed in one day instead a whole week. It brings along the same great good vibed audience, just more local, yet with the same incredible afterparty!!!”

Text: Alan Maag (@rollendetonne)
Photos: David Bachmann

Video / edit: Yves Marchon (@yvesmarchon)
Music: Room Service

Ramon Notz. Frontside feeble

Oula Hynynen – Madonna

Julia Dazinger. Rock ‘n’ Roll

Kevin Carrozzo. Blind frontside grind.

Cédric Romanens. Switch heelflip

Cédric Oosterhof. Backside tailslide

Adriano Alves. Frontside melon

Ramon Notz yank on Lenny Koller