Mike’s place – Southampton, England

Getting rid of (almost everything) green in your garden might not be the advice given by Greenpeace but these guys have more interest in beer and skate stickers than worrying about the state of there (not so) green fingers…

On the fringe of The New Forest, Johnny and Mike offer outstanding hospitality and concrete creations that are not only built to an unbelievable standard but, also come with irresistible edibles (mainly BBQ chicken). They also provide sermons and sanctuary and from the scooter plague that often riddles the local TOTTON park. 

With the best intentions we aimed for a session a week at each establishment during the summer but like most things that didn’t really go to plan.

The times we did manage get together were a fucking blast though  and here’s a snapshot of the shenanigans that went down.

Words and photos by Steve Bega @SoSkateZine


Filmed / edited by Steve Bega

Tibs. Frontside tailblock.

Greg Nowik. Beanplant to fakie

Mike Tudor. Sweeper

Karn. Boneless

Stiffin. Frontside slash grind

Crew in Mike’s backyard

Deadfast. Blunt yank to fakie

Mike Tudor. Feeble on the parking block

Don Brider. In the Lurk…

Stevie Thompson. Backside air

Rob Harris. Frontside smithgrind

Tibs. Melon transfer.


Stevie Thompson. Mute boneless

Bonus shots from Johnny’s from J & J Skateshop backyard concrete quarter

Johnny Harrison. Back smith

Mike Tudor. Stand up frontside grind

Johnny Harrison. Backside hurricane

Keep up with the Southampton skate scene at www.skatesouthampton.com