Kalkonia DIY – Germany

Words by Anh 
Photos by Sebastian Woerner 

The DIY spot @kalkonia is located between the two small towns of Limburg and Diez on a private site that used to be a lime works. On this site there are some rehearsal rooms and workshop, a stage and a lot of passionate, older drinkers warming themselves at the campfire in the evening. It’s not easy to set up a DIY like this in such a small-town environment, our crew is mainly made up of skaters who have normal jobs and some of them have families and actually don’t have much time to skate themselves, so you hardly ever see each other. But when it comes to pushing around some debris and mixing concrete, everyone comes crawling back out of their holes, because the DIY project not only improves the skate situation in our area, which is struggling with scooter plagues, but it also presents an opportunity to do something together again.

The project was launched in 2017 and most of what was accomplished there we learned on the spot. Benefit concerts have brought us donations, stones and tools were fortunately donated or lent to us from the construction yard next door. The DIY will be expanded by another piece every year until we run out of space.

Please come and visit us!

Shajan. Tailbone around the world

Anh. Frontside Smith

Anh. Bean plant to fakie

Philip. Backside Ollie

Anh. Boneless

Chris. Frontside rock’n’roll tuck knee

Shajan. Tailblock around the world

Martin. Backside 50-50

Chris. Fence handplant moves

Chris, Jacobi & Shajan

Hannes, Trinker & Jacobi

Philip, Sebastian, Shajan, Chris, Hannes, Jacobi