Alprem D.I.Y – Kamnik, Slovenia

Words by Matej Mali
Overview DIY photos by Anže Planinc
Skate photography
by Žiga Čibej, Anže Planinc and Blaž Turk

After building an indoor wooden bowl and miniramp in 2013, we got permission to build an outdoor concrete park around one of the industrial halls right next to the indoor DIY. After two years of building the park, together with the help of many good people, we are finally getting there!

Local skaters from Kamnik, Slovenia started building this DIY skatepark seven ago. In 2014 they finished the indoor miniramp and the year after completed the wooden bowl next to it. Being inspired by other concrete DIYs in Slovenia and wishing to build and skate more they started building an outdoor DIY just behind the building where the indoor skatepark is located. They have completed it with a lot of help from friends and the local concrete factory that provided them free concrete over all the years of building. Before the skatepark there was only street spots to skate and nothing much was going on in the sleepy town of Kamnik, but since Alprem crew made the park there has been counltess parties and events happening, bringing life and skate culture into this small Slovenian town under the alps.

Beno Omahen. Frontside over loveseat. Photo: Blaž Turk

Beno Omahen. Backside wallride.  Photo: Žiga Čibej

Kliment Petkukjeski. Kickflip to Fakie. Photo: Anže Planinc

Beno Omahen. Backside melon.  Photo: Anže Planinc

Katarina Rajh. grinding the ledge. Photo: Anže Planinc

Ji Won. Rock to Fakie.  Photo: Anže Planinc

Beno Omahen. Frontside Boneless. Photo: Blaž Turk

Jure Škerjanc. Backside tailslide. Photo: Blaž Turk

Beno Omahen. Truckbash on the Window. Photo: Blaž Turk