Mammoth micro dosing and slab rock rides

A lot of people are into micro-dosing lately and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It’s crazy that something that grows out of the earth in the middle of cities, can bring you knowledge of the infinite. Needless to say, enough doses in an environment like silicon valley is likely to point one away from the city and deep into the heart of nature. On the way out to our little retreat zone we saw some rock slabs that looked pretty ridable and started daydreaming about skating down the mountains. After a few days of riding the rocks at the Mammoth park, we decided to dedicate the rest of our time to searching for ridable terrain in the wild. Jah blessed us with some prime formations and we expanded our thought patterns to immeasurable frequency to communicate with the entities of the mountain. – Deep State Dave

Photos and Video by Duesterberg

Brandon McCormick. Slab treflip.  Photo: Duesterberg

Jason Galindo – stand up grind. Photo: Duesterberg

Aaron Wical. Mammoth tailblock. Photo: Duesterberg

Jason Galindo. Fingerboard frontside blunt. Photo: Duesterberg

Jason Galindo. Bombing the slab. Photo: Duesterberg

Brandon_slab_bomb. Photo: Duesterberg