New Concrete: Eitorf, Germany

In progress: In the small town of Eitorf, outside of Siegburg, which is about 20 minutes from Köln, Germany is a fairly decent sized skatepark being built by Minus Pools.

“Eitorf’s skate park’s corners are currently being  filled with concrete. This little 300 square meter area  is packed to the brim with unique designs. The kidney deep-end has a baby vert pocket, the miniramp part ends with a kind of  burnside bank corner and a micro shallow end. Our team is currently defining the final shape and at the same time dealing with the off and on spring time rain. We’re making big steps.”  – Matt Grabowski

Something strange between a mini and a kidney pool. Around the bowl there will be some flat and curbs to push around and skate the back walls of those three elevators. It's pretty unique.

This pocket with the bank at the top.was inspired by the Reedsport, Oregon Park. Airspeed build that one, they put a lot of strange transition and a lot of banks at the top of their quarters, so it is more like a ditch or something. The bank turns in to a transition pocket. Only the facewall is banked out, like a burnside bank.

"Don´t worry, those bumps under the coping that you see, they´re all gone, it´s just in between in the process.. it´s gonna be all smooth!"

Update: June 10th, 2012

Baby corner right behind this bank

Fresh concrete in place.


Fresh concrete against old shotcrete wall.