Skate photo of the trip was with my old Nikon F4 film camera. Johnners. Frontside grinding the big round bowl at Park Radical. Photo: J. Hay

Whip’s surf & skate bachelor party – Portugal

Sometime around the beginning of last year I received an email from my buddy Whip in England, whom I had met through my friend Scott Madill in London while skating and couch surfing around Europe back in 2005-2007. Unfortunately, Scott tweaked his back hammering some concrete a week before departure and had to miss the trip. I was honored to be invited to Whip’s “Eel Do”, which in colloquial terms is a bachelor party where him and the lads from Cornwall and London were heading to southern Portugal in search of waves, skateparks, and some boozing before he tied to knot.

Out of Stock: A Skateboard Exhibition

Out Of Stock is a skatepark exhibition / art show about the past to the present of Stockwell Skatepark, in South London.
The opening show is at Stolen Space, August 18th, 2011 (this Thursday).