SC Pool Sculpture going down… Zagreb, Croatia

Since the conclusion of the Students center pool sculpture being built, we’ve been introduced to a whole new way of riding a skateboard, and to a new skateboarding style which, until then, we were only able to see on tape. In the same year, being skateboarders, we were facing great depression not being properly understood and listened to. We didn’t have anything. After ten years of riding street, now and then even a skatepark that was being demolished faster than it was built, we didn’t have as nearly as much room for creativity and progression as we needed to. A lot of us gave up on skateboarding.

Empty barrels in Santa Cruz?

Santa Cruz Harbor is a wave that rarely breaks, but when it does it’s the most hollow wave in all of Santa Cruz.

German ex-pat Patrick Trefz has been living in Santa Cruz for the better part of the last 2 decades. He’s a staff photographer for Surfer Magazine even though lately it seems he prefers to shoot films about the actual characters that shape the surfing community.