SC Pool RIP – Zagreb, Croatia

03.07.2013 in the early morning I got a call that a bulldozer was in front of SC pool already demolishing it. Driving like a maniac through the city I showde up first and went with my car in front of the bulldozer and within five minutes five of us were already protecting the pool from being smashed to pieces.

That is the beginning of the story how we defended SC pool the first time. We got support from All over the world. We got promised that the pool is safe but the political structure inside Student Centre changed after right wing goverment won the elections. Last summer they destroyed Happy house (mini ramp in the building conected to SC pool) we didin’t wanna go out so they did it using force and in the end, the mini ramp was smashed with hammers in pieces and the place became a warehouse. After Happy House they closed all cultural scenes around Student Centre. And the last and strongest monumental thing to destroy was SC pool.

[caption id="attachment_25600" align="alignleft" width="620"] RIP SC POOL

09.08.2019 they got heavy machines inside and locked all the doors of SC so nobody could go inside with all the available security guards in front they started to destroy pool. And this time they did it. SC pool is gone. But good memmories and good times will always be in our minds and hearts. SC pool was an awesome project that was bringing so many people to Zagreb and made so many people happy and write the word Skateboarding with big letters and now became legend and legends never die. SC pool now you are forever.

Words by Marin Dux Dundic

Student Centre – Zagreb

More info at Save our SC POOL Sculpture

And, if you ask yourself about the concrete future of Croatia take a look a what Marin Dux Dundic and guys are now running

Photos from 2010 by J. Hay and Kristijan Smok

Dux. Boardslide rock n roll in the corner. Photo: J. Hay

Jake Snelling. Backside air. Photo: J. Hay
Craig Questions. Layback disaster. Photo: J. Hay
Jake Snelling. Nose pick in the Happy House before the governing body of the Student Centre turned right wing and removed the ramp and shut down all cultural activities
Outside the Happy House.
Door to the Happy House
Dan Cates. Trick name unknown. Photo: J. Hay
Koekie. Frontside 50-50. Photo: J. Hay
Koekie. Frontside grind. Photo: J. Hay
Jake Snelling. Texas Plant. Photo: J. Hay
Questions. Feeble. Photo: Kristijan Smok
Jake Snelling. Wallride yank off. Photo: Kristijan Smok

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