Typical Culture x Sergej Vutuc zine / book release

Our brothers in San Diego TYPICAL CULTURE have a zine release party with another confusion brother SERGEJ VUTUC releasing his book at the Culture Brewing Co. in SD this Thursday, the 4th, with THE LARB and Helmut Vutuc Lampshade for live musical entertainment.

The Hype Train – Full Length Film

Typical Culture presents a D.I.Y. Skateboarding film by Zack Dowdy. Featuring Chris Russell, Skreech, Greg Zamarripa, Frank Shaw, Chris Gregson, Brendan Keaveny, Connor Getzlaff, Ricky Holderby, and Little Chris.

“Built in manual steering shit” by Matt Grabowski

I have to disappoint you. Every year I lose interest in skateboarding. It’s all show everywhere. Show. Tradeshow. Car shows. Even car shows suck. It’s all costume design hot rotted “I like the old style but I also like the new 2014 power steering shit.”