Skarty 2018

Zach Cusano’s been living in Denver for the past five years or so and twice a year he comes back to New Jersey to visit his family and throw a party on his backyard ramp. His parents get so excited about him being home, they cater food and go all out. The locals spent the last week doing some overdue maintenance on the ramp to make sure it was in prime condition. The skarty was a huge success and had the biggest turnout to date. Close to a hundred people attended throughout the day, traveling from everywhere between Philadelphia and Boston. The decks were full all day and if you wanted a run, you had to go for it. Zach and the Cusano’s are great hosts, and I’ll see you next time you’re in town!  Andrew Metzger

Filmed by Andrew Metzger and Vinney Villagomez
Edited by Andrew Metzger

Photos by Rob Kennedy @radrib

Zach Cusano. Backside boneless

Chuck Pontone. Sweeper to tail over the channel

Mike Jones. Slob fast plant over the channel

Jordan Beverly. Invert

Andrew Metzger. Frontside grind

Mike Jones. Sweeper

Zach Cusano. Boneless over the channel

Chuck Pontone. Frontside nosegrind

Sean Plundeke. Backside boneless

Mike Jones. Invert

Chuck Pontone. Stand up frontside grind

Zach Cusano. Invert

Jordan Beverly. FSA

Mike Jones. Frontside invert over the channel

Chris Dziema. Blunt to fakie

Sean Plundeke. Cradonna over the channel

Zach Cusano. Backside air

Jordan Beverly. Channel plant

Mike Jones. Andrecht

Sean Plundeke. Ollie to fakie

Chuck Pontone. Varial invert

¿? Lien to tail

Mike Jones. Letting one go

Jordan Beverly. One foot invert

Sean Plundeke. Finger flip lien to tail over the channel

Gavin Rosenberg. Backside air

Tyler Yuraszeck. Channel air

Rey Tapley. Backside air

Sean Plundeke. Channel stalefish

Jordan Beverly. Slob channel air

Ryan Cardone. Channel air

Sean Plundeke. Tailbone over the channel