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Pura Pura, Bolivia – Un, Dos, Tres, Concrete!

The park is sick. Well most of us left before we got to see it all completed which was a little disheartening, but what was there was rad. The floor is a bit ghetto in places and, in contrast, some of the ramps are professional enough to be seen on a actual official skatepark build – this kind of sums up the entire build: somewhere between a skatepark and doing a DIY job.

working class overview

Builders’ Jam: PuraPura – La Paz, Bolivia

After the first day you could already see big progress. After two and a half weeks, with hard work, partying as a gringos do with all the locals, eating coca leaves, drinking coca tea, and of course a lot of downhill sessions, we were almost finished building the skatepark, with one of the best views in the world!