Penthouse bowl – Switzerland

Everything started with this ramp at my parents house we skated maybe three years before I moved into my own house. I rebuilt the the ramp to use the corners again and made something that really looks like a pool.

Axel “Pudi” Görger & Jocko Weyland – “Holz & Beton“

Starting in San Diego, hardened by the nexus of skateboarding’s emergence in the late 1950s, to Freiburg, where the virus had spread by the late 1970s, the two artists in this exhibition managed to forge, across time and space, a twenty-five year connection related to their passion for riding a simple plank attached by metal axles to four urethane wheels.

Kidney Bowl – Mers Les Bains, France

Belgium based company Concrete Flow under the head surveillance of legendary Michel ‘Mike’ van der Ouderaa has just finished a nice kidney pool on the French atlantic coast 300 meters from the beach in a little seaside town called Mers les Bains.