Wicked Lady – Olivia Jaffe Interview

With an unbelievably old, ripped up, Motörhead shirt on, the sickest pair of leather boots you’ve ever seen, a cig in one hand and an archaic piece of technology in the other, comes Olivia Jaffe. Like a spider carefully waiting for the moment to strike, often not disrupting the scene, just hanging in there tight till the time comes, she shoots to kill… dig into her photos and dive head-first into a rock and roll universe you only ever dreamed of before.

Confusion Magazine – issue #8 – free online

Issue #8 features interviews with:

Frank Shaw, Sox (Wales), Zombie Stu, Mike Neider from B’last , Lovenskate in Bilbao (Basque), Ramp Jam 4, Belgium, Scene Report – Cadiz, Spain plus DIY skate spot check outs DIY Skate spot check outs: Bluestone (Australia), Port Land (Switzerland), PFK Skate support center (Japan), Bangkok Bowl (Thailand).