Back to Old School 3 – Antwerp, Belgium (contest)

September 11th & 12th, 2010. Antwerp, Belgium. Park Spoornoord/Kempenstraat/Antwerpen
They say a photo is worth 1000 words.
Here’s 30,000 words and a video of the two day Back to Old School 3 event.

Photos + Video: J. Hay

Jose Barajas was on a skate trip from Northern California. This kid skates so damn good! He wasn’t pulling all his tricks, but he was going bigger than anyone. Ever heard of Jose Barajas? You have now. Big stalled out frontside air.

Lester Kasai. Flashback to the 80s in the 10s. Did you know Lester is a competitive arm wrestler? He gave us a demo at the bar the last night. He won.

Concrete Farmer and Antwerp local KOEKIE. Nose grab grind.

Mark Partain. High speed frontside 50-50 #351

Jason Parkes is a pool and bowl ripper. Photos don’t really do him justice, because this is probably the 15th lip trick in his run. Ollie to tail?

Lester Kasai boardslide rock n roll around the whole deep end.

Phil Zwijsen. Antwerp local and ripping young gun. Smith grind in the deep end.

David ‘Danger’ Martelleur. One footed Lien to Tail smack.

Mike Brusk with a gnarly slam.

Mark Partain. No Stranger to Danger. Death box crossing.

Jose Barajas. Boned out lien air.

Jason Parkes. Frontside grind.

David Martelleur. Crail.

Mike Van der Ouderaa getting some runs in before the circus arrived.

Mark Partain. Invert in the corner pocket.

Danger Dave’s signature trick: fingerflip to tail to revert. SEQUENCE

CLICK FOR DANGER DAVE’S ANIMATED SEQUENCE – fingerflip to tail to revert

The flemish Ramones were a rocking good time! RAWONES!

Rawones. Gabba Gabba Hey Gabba Hey Gabba Gabba Hey!

Lester Kasai. Huge Backside air in the vert corner.

Danger Dave takes the best slams. Face first in the concrete.

Lester Kasai. Inverted up the escalator.

Sasha Steinhorst. Unfortunately he didn’t pull this invert, but it was so picture perfect I’m showing you anyway. What rules?
The new rule is you can ‘publish’ a bail as long as you admit it is a bail!

Mark Partain. Smith grinding through the 12 foot high vert corner.

Lester Kasai. Sky high Method Judo Air.

Sean Goff. Layback Invert


Mark Tidbury and the other british dudes who showed up totally rule. Thanks for all the beers and good times!

Jose Barajas. Alley Oop.

Monsieur Ferand. Fred is a great skate photographer from Bordeaux
and a super cool ‘black’ cat.

Mike Tudor (from England) and Fred Ferand (from France) wake me up in my van (which has since been stolen) parked in front of the skatepark after another long night…

Koekie has a bunch of old school tricks up his proverbial sleeve. 5-0 to yank in.

Koekie has a bunch of old school tricks up his proverbial sleeve. 5-0 to yank in.


-the end-