General Shermans Radius Floats

Pista de Skate, Ilhabela skatepark – Brazil

I did four days of crete with Flyramp. Super hot and humid down there and the mud went off super fast… We were on this island, so neat! Ilhabela now has a great Pista de Skate! The hip air is Ulysses Pinna, he’s stoked, lives two blocks from the park, brought us sodies and helped clean up and first sesh ripper. BBQs and waterfall picinas… Everyone there was so happy! Theres’ a photo of the crete haulers too. Passion Fruit trowel, aka Maracuja blade. GSRF (General Sherman’s Radius Floats) packing up for the states… Sick harbor and sunrays beamin… Ilhabela 2012.” – Soup

Léo Kakinho. Photo: Don Barger

Converse skatepark opening – Lima, Peru

Four months of intense building were needed to build the first skatepark with such a huge bowl in Perú and in the whole subcontinent, except Brazil. The skatepark was ready to be named: Converse Skatepark, 100% financed by the big company, and ready to be inaugurated: the company wanted things to be done the great way, inviting three of its international riders – Rune Glifberg, Mike Anderson and Renato Souza.

Mummy discovered beneath new skatepark – Lima, Peru

After four months of intensive archeological work, Doctor Skatepark team found new evidences of an old giant skateboarding ceremony center in Lima, capital of Peru, probably from the remote skatealcoholithic period, proving ancient skateboarding roots in the Incas country.