Southern California Pools

It was the perfect place to take photos. Bee boxes everywhere, a sick background with some desert mountains, a graveyard of old cars scattered all over, and a gnarly pool.

Chuck Pontone. Nose grind tail grab.

Denver Danglers and the Westside Connection

The Denver crew had the Westside Connection. Four days, a dozen pools, and beautiful weather in Southern California was the perfect recipe for barging, big air, high speeds, and taking blocks

Dragonslayer featuring Skreetch – contest

Here at Confusion, we don’t usually give away other people’s stuff, we’re too busy giving away our own, but, we like Skreetch, he’s a total psycho and he rules, and we’re also down with Addikt Skateboards, a true skateboarding company that is struggling along with the rest of us and doing exactly what they want to do.