Pool Block Party DVD released!

Pool Block Party premiered yesterday in Southern California and is now available for purchase direct from Peacock, the filmmaker. Peacock also made underground pool skating cult classics: Cancer Dust and Tresslashing. This video features lots of the best pool skaters, skating tons of backyard pools. Rumors are going around that this is the best pool skating video EVER! So if Pool Skating gets you excited, BUY IT and support dudes that are doing it themselves and their livelihood depends on it. They put all their blood, sweat and beer money into making something like this, and countless hours FILMING and then EDITING for your viewing pleasure. SUPPORT UNDERGROUND MEDIA!

You can buy POOL BLOCK PARTY on the FRESNO POOLS website: (http://www.fresnopools.blogspot.com)

$14 (€10) + shipping

Sneak peak of the last scene in the movie with this months taboo cover girl Alyssa Branch

4 thoughts on “Pool Block Party DVD released!

  1. Yo I’m in the pic under the awesome ass cover. That shit was fun. Need ta link up again and rip some more

  2. Hello!

    Do you know a mailadress of fresno pools? The site is not uptodate, i would ask if there are any blockparty dvds left!



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