2er Builders Jam – Hannover, Germany – Part 1 & 2

On arrival I don’t think anyone really knew what we were getting ourselves in for the following week back in early June in Hannover, Germany. The basic idea was that the 2 er – ‘the two stair’ Crew had the idea to invite D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) Skate crews from all corners of Europe to come to their spot and each team would be given 3 days to build something.

HEY HO BAR MASSACRE (Week 1 – 5) – Barcelona, Spain

First chapter of the HEY HO BAR MASSACRE with Andrea Cavaletti, Yeray Escobar and Tino Arena representing Gypsy Skateboarding and Adventure. This event will be held every Tuesday at the store. A new team and guest riders will be announced next week. Few can handle this hell curving bar and even fewer will be able to overcome the trials of Hey Ho Bar Massacre!