Jürgen Horrwarth. Nosegrind over the hip into the shallow-end. Photo: Hay

Best of Both – Düsseldorf, Germany – 2013

The Best of Both is a wooden bowl contest that takes place every year for the last four or five years. The first day the skating is in the downstairs Factory Bowl, and the second day upstairs in the OMSA Pool which is a wooden replica of a real backyard pool.

BERGFEST: Battle of the Monster Bowl – July, 2011 – Münster, Germany

The concrete bowl at Berg Fidel in Münster, Germany was built in 1989 and marks the early development of concrete bowl skateboarding in Europe. It was the same year Titus held the world championships in Germany, and pros from America like John Cardiel, Matt Hensley, Chris Miller, Christian Hossoi and Danny Way all have skated the Monster Bowl in it’s early beginnings. 22 years later…