Ari. Front smith at Lent Park.

Mit Ari auf Safari

End of July, a period of the year when people hit the road for sunny beaches or discovering foreign countries. It’s also the moment when you realize that your own city has suddenly become all quiet. No hordes of scooter kids at your local skatepark who come all at once after school, and less traffic in town. Actually, if you think about it, this period of the year seems to be the best moment to stay north, with comparatively less posers at your local skatepark…

Koekie. FS 50-50 grind in the deep corner. Photo: Mr. Bookwood.

North Brigade re-opening – Cologne, Germany

NorthBrigade officially re-opened last weekend to celebrate the new concrete bowl and street area completed last October by Anker ramps , right in time for German winter