Wicked Lady – Olivia Jaffe Interview

With an unbelievably old, ripped up, Motörhead shirt on, the sickest pair of leather boots you’ve ever seen, a cig in one hand and an archaic piece of technology in the other, comes Olivia Jaffe. Like a spider carefully waiting for the moment to strike, often not disrupting the scene, just hanging in there tight till the time comes, she shoots to kill… dig into her photos and dive head-first into a rock and roll universe you only ever dreamed of before.

Mexican Motorheads: Towing in to monster Mexican barrels

Confusion Magazine surf videographer Sean Wood was down in Mexico this summer surfing and filming both paddle in and tow-in surfing. This edit is all machine assisted tow-ins. Not the most soulful way to surf, but hey, it gets the job done when it’s too big to paddle in. Here’s the edit of the Motorhead’s pulling in to some of Mexico’s best beach breaks.