Concrete Corner – Episode 4 – Poured in Place Ditch Coping

Concrete Corner – Episode 4 – Poured in Place Ditch Coping

This Episode is more inspirational then tutorial. Easily update your local ditch! Armed with a Locum DIY Pool coping trowel and one of the GSRADFLOAT’s coping scoops, Clayton Graul turns an average little drainage ditch into one hell of a spot for ride-on rollercoaster coping!

Here’s tip: In the U.S. you can find “Rapid Set, Mortar Mix”, it sets fast enough that you can skate it the same day!

Special thanks to the Unknown-Soldier for filming, Salamander Eric, Carlos Marquez and Brian Spindler for showing up for the shred session.

Another Urban Skate Project!
– SkateDIY

Ditch tools

Ditch tile and deathbox coping

Ditch overview

Ditch curb coping

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