It will not be a surprise if I say that 2020 was a little fucked up. All this covid/lockdown/stay at home bullshit etc. One of the obvious questions that the whole world was asking was: “Will there be annual Rozkurwiel Tour?”. No worries guys. It happened. First idea was to visit the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Our plan changed. Was our trip worse because of that? Let’s find out!

Mellow Park DIY: Berlin, Germany

The session at the brand new D.I.Y spot at the Mellowpark in Berlin was amazing. Lot’s of riders from all ages and all over Europe came together to skate this epic place. Not even a heavy dump could stop the session. Free drinks and BBQ made the day perfect! Thanks to Lenni, Jan and all the other locals that put so much effort, love and time into this outstanding project! – Asti