Osthafen Skatepark – Frankfurt, Germany

The Osthafen Skatepark is really big. The shape of the transitions and other concrete obstacles are nearly perfect. The first time you go there you have to try to explore all the possibilities the park has to offer, because there’s so much to handle. The right side of the park is simliar to a street plaza: curbs, rails, banks, hips, gaps and china banks. The obstacles on the street section are really low and not too good to skate.
On the left side you find a bowl land scape. If you spend some time testing the lines with your hands, you’ll find the flow. There is something for everyone. In the back part, there is a bowl with a loveseat and a corner which has pool coping. In the front part there is another bowl with a full pipe with a similar corner, on the opposite side is a big bank. And don’t forget to hit up the volcano, there you can end the day nicely.

Malmö ULTRA-WEEKEND: Mini-Mega Ramp

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, August 20th, in Malmö, Sweden to be exact, they held the MALMÖ ULTRA-BOWL II, where they invited skaters from all over Europe and the USA. The event was two days long in the backyard style pool at the Stapelbäddsparken skatepark.