TrukenTroef – part 3 – Ramses Bowl- Vorselaar, Belgium

For the third time the ‘Trukentroef’ contest took place in Vorselaar, Belgium at the ‘Ramses’ Bowl.
What started with a simple bowl in honor of the late ‘Ramses Van Brandt’, soon became a DIY-park which is expanding every year. All the visitors know that their beer money will soon become new concrete afterwards, so to support such a good cause, the consumption level was high! With a ‘skate-for-fun-vibe’ all day long, the hardest rippers could win some prizes immediately after their best tricks. The bowl jam at the end of the day was the icing on the cake. Even the rain couldn’t stop Toon Dierckx from ripping it! Beause nobody wanted this day to end, we were welcome to party at Café Den Tip where a few (punk)rockbands were hauling ass! See y’all again next year on Pentecost 2019. Hangover guaranteed!

Words by Spider

Skatepark Vorselaar Contest

Filmed and edited by Jonas Sars

Skate photos by Nicola Debernardi

Tuck knee frontside air

Tim Bijsterveld. Front rock

Tuck knee smith stall

Nose Pick drop in on the best trick extension

Zoê Van Engelen. Blunt fakie

Jeroen Sars. Front smith

Toon Dierck. FSG

Boardslide rock n roll

Sjoed Vissers. Front feeble


Sjoed Vissers. Front feeble

MARCH (from Bruxelles)