Mellow Park DIY: Berlin, Germany

The session at the brand new D.I.Y spot at the Mellow Park in Berlin was amazing. Lots of riders from all ages and all over Europe came together to skate this epic place. Not even a heavy dump could stop the session. Free drinks and BBQ made the day perfect! Thanks to Lenni, Jan and all the other locals that put so much effort, love and time into this outstanding project! – Roman Asteitner

Skaters: Roman Astleitner, Fabian Kutscha, Craig Scott, David Stenström, Ralf Edlinger, Oli Buergin and Philipp Schuster.

Photos: Adam Sello

David Strenström. Frontside Ollie. Photo: Adam Sello

Roman Astleitner. Wall bash.

Roman Astleitner. Wall bash.

Philipp Schuster. No comply tailslide.

Ralf Edinger. Backside tailslide.

Ralf Edlinger. Backside tailslide.

Mellow Park Overview

Mellow Park Overview

Filmed: Torsten Frank & Kamil Krzesniak
Edit: Torsten Frank

Video Courtesy of Mellowpark Berlin

**Editors Note** – Normally we wouldn’t put a video up on the Confusion site with prominent Red Bull logo’s in both the intro and outro, but apparently Red Bull showed utmost respect to the locals in organizing this event and didn’t brand the DIY project itself with their logo. So in this case, at least, they aren’t just using skateboarding to promote their corporate brand, they will also put money in to save Mellowpark in the future years so that the park and surrounding area can survive. If the city close Mellowpark, it is also the end of the DIY park.