Freakend At PortLand – Basel, Switzerland

Any DIY park has it’s share of freaky randoms that are just hanging out and can either be really annoying or quite funny. And to be fair, most skateboarders can be considered freaks in more than one way. So when we were brainstorming a theme for the annual Port Land party, calling it Freakend was a no brainer. Things didn’t get as freaky as we expected. We skated, hung out, got drunk, listened to music, enjoyed food and camped for three days in a row. Perfectly normal behaviour for the average skateboarder.  – Oli Bürgin

Fabio Martin. Frontside Nosegrind

Frenk. Boneless fingerflip over the fire

Tattoo session with Pipoz

Oli Bürgin. Frontside Ollie


The most freaky of the freaks, Batti, aka “The President” and associate

The Most Likelys

Photo credits: @soerfi @gogocetiner @ronnylee44

Video credits: @taro.tornado @bobaj @gabrielkoller