Truken Troef VII – Vorselaar, Belgium

Photos by Jo Van Esbroeck

Text by Koen Van den Broeck

Trukentroef 2023 aftermovie

Video by Blitzkrieg skateboards

Sjoerd Vissers. Frontside smith grind

After the previous edition was completely rained out, we could count on beautiful weather this year. (We’re still grateful for the last-minute tent that allowed us to skate a bit last year.)

Due to the cancellation of some other events, interest was very high this year and even before the event really started a lot of skateboarders and partypeople showed up already.

Felt really great that there were again so many helping hands to water (or should we say ‘beer’) the thirsty and to feed the hungry. (thanks for the great barbecue, Yardkeepers! Thanks for keeping the beer flowing to the Gierle-crew!

As usual, we started with the introduction of the jurydudes! (local legends who throw prices all day long to all the rippers! (thanks to the many sponsors nobody had to return home with empty hands!!)

This year we started with the JUNIOR JAM (all kids under 13 were allowed to show their best tricks.) The number of participants was larger than previous years and the level was high as the sky! The future is sure looking bright!

Soon after, it was time for the big boys! They came from the Netherlands, Germany and all corners of Belgium to enjoy the session and win some stuff. We did best tricks on all kind of obstacles so everybody could show his gnarly stuff or technical skills:

Toon. Frontside air

Toon. Lien to tail

Toon. One foot invert

Toon Dierckx managed to do some signature moves when he wasn’t barbecueing or getting tattooed by Joachim from Tequila Tattoos (like many more that day). Tor Van Eysendeyk was really going for the ‘MVP’ title this year and was skating transition as hard as all the ‘street’-stuff. Yannick (Mostmans) and Taco really did some creative stuff on the corner all day. Thibeau Cuynen left everybody speechless with his nosepick on our traditional makeshift extension. Jeroen Bruggeman skated with too much ease as usual. Sjoerd Vissers from Eindhoven ollied the volcano from flat. Ratman showed up and landed a couple of awesome tricks. (Congrats with the new baby by the way!) Louis Belckx landed some crazy bluntslides on the curbthingy. Gilles Lizin landed some technical wizzard stuff and the list goes on and on so check out the aftermovie!

Tor Van Eysendeyk. Frontside smith grind

Thibeau Cuynen. Backside nosepick

Taco. Backside smith

Nils. Frontside stalefish

Ratman. Frontside 5-0 layback

Toon. Lien to tail

Toon. Frontside air off the extension

Babzoul. Backside kickflip onto the extension

Jeroen Bruggeman. Frontside stand up grind

Toon. Backside boneless

Steven. Frontside rock’n’roll

Toon. Invert on the extension

Yannick Mostmans. Layback front rock

Frontside wallride

Jeroen Bruggeman. Frontside air off the extension

Toon. Invert

Old School Jeffke. Frontside sweeper

Toon. Frontside boneless

Yannick Mostmans. Layback tailblock

Ratman. Frontside layback

Toon. Dog piss carve

Louis Belckx. Frontside smith grind

Taco. Frontside lipslide

Tor. Frontside standup grind

Sjoerd Vissers. Frontside lipslide

Steven. Shit happens

Louis Belckx. Backside noseblunt

Tor Van Eysendeyk. Backside noseslide

Tor Van Eysendeyk. Backside 5-0 to fakie

Taco. Frontside Crailslide

Gilles Lizin. Fingerflip

Joep Paeshuysen. Melon grab transfer

Sjoerd Vissers. Ollie over the volcano

Ratman. Tail scratcher over the volcano

Babzoul. Backside 5-0

Tor. Frontside nose bluntslide

Steve. Frontside lipslide

Due to the warm weather we sold out all our beers this year so luckily the kind people from Café Den Tip opened their doors for a big afterparty:

‘Stone Piler’ opened the night with their unique blend of bad ass bluesrock and stoner riffs.

ITCHES played some nasty garage punk and the amazing WALLAROOS closed the night with a set of punky party psychobilly that kept the whole crowd moving! And yet again the bar sold out on all their beer.

Thanks to everybody for showing up and bringing some much good vibes this year!

We hope to see you all again next year, when we celebrate 10 YEARS OF RAMSES BOWL. We promise we’ll have more beer by then. CHEERS!

All pics by Jo Van Esbroeck

Aftermovie by Andrew Janssens

Intern Artwork by Dirty…Joaco