DIY Skateplaza Resthof Steyr – Upper Austria

The Skateboard Plaza Resthof, located in steyr/upper-austria, was created during the year 2012 by local skateboarders and friends. Our main goal was to create skateboard ramps which fit our needs.

We had the chance to use a private property of the former community center. There used to be a crappy skatepark for 15 years, but nobody used it anymore. So we built five different obstacles which are totally different to ISO Standards and rules for public skatepark obstacles: a quater-pipe with vert transition and elevator from high (1’60m) to low (1’20m); a china bank with steep pyramid hips on both sides; a flat-rail with a small bank on one side; a curb with a small tranny-curb on top; and a bank with more than 40 degress gradient.

The project was supported by a cement company called “Kirchdorfer Zement” with around 15 tons of cement packs and shaping tools. We also got financial help from the local skate and snowboard club (Boarderspeak r.i.p) to buy sand and stuff we needed.


It wasn’t easy during the construction time because of different views and opinions between the owner and the skateboarders how the park should be built. But after all we made it!

The place is free to everyone without any entrance fee and you can skate there as long as the weather conditions are good. Next to the place is a bus station (Resthof – Lane 2). So you can go there with public transport if necessary.

For more information you can visit us on facebook and search for “DIY Skateplaza Resthof“.

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