“We packed the van and hit the road for a week in Tampa. Apparently there was a contest going on, but we didn’t notice. The crew included Jeff Rasp, Tyler Yuraszeck, Tyler Nelson, Kyle Nicholson, Kevin Taylor, Andrew Walker, and myself. We made a pit stop in North Carolina on the way home, and that was the best way to end a trip. Shout out to all the dudes in Wilmington, they have some good shit going on.”  – Andrew Metzger


The squad

Jeff Rasp ollie north at Bro Bowl

No hotels crew living up to their name

Air b’n’b over a hotel any day

Evan Smith can sleep anywhere

When there are free tattoos, you get one

Tyler layback slash at Lakeland

I hung onto a fence for an hour for this shot. Simon Bannerot eggplant

Kyle Nicholson is a ball of energy

Tyler Yuraszeck crailslide at SPOT

Jeff back smith at a backyard DIY

Jeff sleeping through the 15 hour drive

Photos, video & edit by Andrew Metzger @gnarhammered