Vans Pool Party 2019

Photography by Chris Dangaard @chrisclicksdigital

Tristan Rennie. Indy kickflip

Tate Carew. Backside air

Bucky Lasek. 540

Kiko Francisco. Gigantic backside ollie

Clay Kreiner. Frontside nosebone

Bucky Lasek. Backside air

Cory Juneau. Frontside lipslide

Daniel Cuervo. Melon grab

Steven Pineiro

Cory Juneau pulled this frontside kickflip several times during practice runs, but couldn’t land it in the finals…

Julian Torres. Indy air

Augusto Akio. Backside kickflip melon

Charlie Martin. Lien melon

Matt Wilcox. Tweaked backside air

Clay Kreiner. 540

Heimana Reynolds. Invert

Steven Pineiro. 540

Julian Torres. FSA

Tate Carew. Frontside smith grind

Hericles Fagundes. Indy kickflip

1st) Tom Schaar
2nd) Tristan Rennie
3rd) Moto Shibata
4th) Bucky Lasek
5th) Clay Kreiner
6th) Tate Carew
7th) Kiko Francisco
8th) Joshua Rodriguez
9th) Augusto Akio
10th) Cory Juneau


Rune Glifberg. Frontside nosebone

Andy Mac. Layback frontside smith


Lance Mountain. Fastplant

Steve Caballero. Stand up frontside grind

Tony Magnusson. Frontside air

Hans Jacobsson. Frontside smith

Mike McGill. Sweeper

Jim Gray. Disaster in the shallow end.

Mike McGill. Tuck knee invert

Steve Caballero. Backside air

Christian Hosoi.

Combi overview

May the Fourth Be With You

Vans Pool Party 2019 – replay of the live webcast (5 hours)