Chris. Tailslide.

Bergfest 2014 – Battle at the Monster Bowl – Münster, Germany

The annual Bergfest is one of the best skate contests in Germany, if not Europe. Although it is technically a contest, this year’s event was more underground and diy with less big name sponsors and not so concerned with handing out big checks to the winners, but more interested in everyone having a good time…

Jürgen Horrwarth. Nosegrind over the hip into the shallow-end. Photo: Hay

Best of Both – Düsseldorf, Germany – 2013

The Best of Both is a wooden bowl contest that takes place every year for the last four or five years. The first day the skating is in the downstairs Factory Bowl, and the second day upstairs in the OMSA Pool which is a wooden replica of a real backyard pool.