Killer 50-50s Pool Jam – 2018 – La Kantera

Killer 50-50s was a Pool jam organized by Txus Dominguez, an old school Basque skate legend and one of the main guys behind the creation of the La Kantera pool back in 2000. Txus decided to have an over 50s “Pool Jam” and invited over 50 year old masters from around the world. Not many of the invited dared show up to skate the gnarly backyard pool style bowl (or were unable or unwilling) but for the few that did make it, a sick session went down between old friends grinding the shit outta the pool. Everyone who skated were winners and the afterparty was at Sopelana’s Sunset Café with a live band playing while old skate and surf videos were shown on the tube. Good times! Photos and video below.

Killer 50-50s Pool Jam – La Kantera video
Skaters in order of appearance: Txus Dominguez, Wolfgang Toth, Johan Berglind, Kevin Campbell, Ron, Lute, and Clive.

Filmed by Johannes Hirschmann and Jonathan Hay.
Edited by Johannes Hirschmann
Music by: KortatuMr Snoid entre sus amigos los humanos.”

Photos by Jonathan Hay

Over 50s Pool killers group shot

Wolfgang Toth. Frontside carve grind

Kevin Campbell. Frontside hip grind.

Txus. Layback frontside grind into the shallow end

Clive. Frontside grind

Txus. Frontside slash grind.

Clive. Layback frontside grind

Ron. Frontside grind.

Johan Berglind. Frontside grind over the death box

Johan Berglind. Frontside air over the death box

Txus Dominguez. Frontside grind.

Kevin Campbell. Twilight grind

La Kantera OG legend Alfonso LUTE Fernandez, frontside grind.

Kevin and Johan

Kevin, Ron and Dicky


Clive and Ron

Dickie has a hurt knee, so he couldn’t skate… but he was there to raise the hype at the Killer 50-50 Pool Jam!