Gathering of the tribes – Baum’s Birthday – Mr. Wilson Skate hall

Whether it be skateboarding, building skateparks, or partying, Baum goes all in – at least 100%. When I heard about Baum’s party taking place at the Mr. Wilson skate hall, the only indoor concrete bowl in Germany, I knew this was an occasion not to be missed.

Under the Bridge: Köln – Built It… & They Will Come

A month after the city had a brief but futile attempt to destroy the under the bridge DIY spot built by the skaters of Köln, the Yama Skateboards team from Austria were passing through town on their way to Belgium. We had planned a mini-ramp session at the Lohse Ramp, but Germany’s sketchy summer time weather canceled that plan with intermittent rain throughout the day. Our only option was to hit up the DIY spot…

Under the Bridge: Köln, Germany (building): PHASE II & III

Under the bridge in Köln, Germany, a DIY skate spot had been started a few years ago, and then lay stagnant. With some motivation from the Köln skaters, Phase II was underway, with a pump bump and quarter pipe. Money was gathered for bags of concrete, tools were purchased, trowels were customized, and even a concrete truck made a delivery of fresh ‘crete.