Blokes is an 80s influenced British street-life comedy violence skateboarding film written, directed, filmed and edited by Ed Hubert and his starring cast Jake Snelling, Jack Lammas, Craig Questions, and Dan Singer, co-starring Stockwell locals and friends.

In South London an elite force of men terrorize the streets.
Step into a world of violence, chaos and carnage.
Step into the world of BLOKES.

Supported by Roadkill, Brixton’s Baddest Skateshop and Blast Skates.

Snelling. Photo: Rich West

Photo: Rich West

Photo: Rich West

Jake Snelling. Photo: Jack Belgrove

Jake Snelling. Photo: Glenn Kitson

Craig Questions. Photo: Glenn Kitson

Jack Lammas and Dan Singer. Photo: Glenn Kitson

Jake Snelling. Photo: Rich West

Jake Snelling. Handplant. Screen grab from Blokes.

Full pipe session. Screen grab from Blokes.

BLOKES poster.

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