MY DIY – 7th anniversary Beerday BBQ – Central California

The 7th Annual Beerday BBQ was an epic, beautiful day landing on my birthday this year! The last few years we’ve been plagued with rain. The shredding started around 1pm and did not stop ‘til I shut it down, except for a few breaks for raffling. This year we did things a little differently by adding a raffle to help raise funds for upgrades. Thanks to Bones, NHS, Confusion, and Smallbeating for their donations! We had a great time spreading the stoke. Making memories with family and friends is what it’s all about! Thanks to everyone who came from far and wide, and Robert for manning the grill. Get out there and build! It’ll skate!

Words: Gene Boles @carvenboles
Photos: Ricky Flip @rickflipsk8

Jason Galindo. Frontside Feeble

One of the Twins. Frontside grind

Gene Boles and Roger

Grant Roorda. Invert

Eric Sanchez. Frontside Standup Grind

Max Roorda. Frontside One Foot Grind

Jason Galindo. Frontside Ollie

Gene Boles. Frontside Grind

Roger Mihalko. Frontside Air

Christian Gonzales. Backside Boneless

Jason Galindo. Bean Plant

Eric Sanchez. Frontside Air

Christian Gonzales. Frontside Smith

Gene Boles Skateyard

Roger with the goodies

Ryan Carpenter