OWL BOWL opening – Cologne, Germany

October 1st was a momentous day in Cologne with the opening of the first concrete bowl. Built by IOU Ramps and the local skaters of Cologne, the OWL BOWL is located at the NorthBrigade Skatepark, which has been open since the 1980s. Skaters from around Germany showed up for the opening party which was graced with sunny skies.

Intus ripper Lennart “Lensen” Efsing ripped every inch of the bowl for hours winning the contest and taking an Owl trophy back to Düsseldorf with him. Other stand outs were Johannes Gabler, Maxi Häring who came from Münich to build the bowl, Dennis Degenhardt, Christian Pelz, Aries Riepelsiep, Marcel Weber, and Philipp Vollmar. It was a fun action packed day and I think everyone there had a blast!

Thank you North Brigade for giving the transition skaters in Cologne somewhere to skate so I don’t have to journey to a different city to go skateboarding. – J. Hay

Sponsored by: Northbrigade, Wasted Box, Circa, Gaffel Kölsch, Hoax clothing, Skullcandy, Confusion Magazine, Independent, Creature, Spitfire and Black Label.



Photos by: Kai Jabs (except where noted)

Philipp Vollmar

Lensen. Photo: Hay

Johannes Gabler. Photo: Hay


Matteo Van der Hell

Philipp Volmar

Andi Speißl

Toni Perroni (left) and Wolfang (right)

Dennis Degenhardt

Rene Dicke

Marcel Weber

Nathan Kopp

Dennis Degenhardt

Toni Perroni

Lennart Epsing

Toni Perroni

Lennart "Lensen" Efsing

Dennis Degenhardt

Aries Riepelsiep

Philipp Vollmar

Johannes Gabler

Christian Pelz



Read about the building of the bowl here.

After skate photos by Tobias Haussmann:

Jenna and Lennart, enjoying part of his winnings...

But a true warrior enjoys his spoils of victory with his not so fortunate comrades

Haywire, Thorsten, Matteo and Roadie in the background...

Tattoo of a madman