Marginal Way DIY: Seattle, Washington

Marginal Way started as a one ghetto little quarter pipe against the wall under Highway 99. It was one of the only covered spots to skate in Seattle. Bums and garbage was pretty much all there was before the creation of Marginal Way, as the people came together the freeway underpass DIY spot started to grow. Fund raisers and donations from the community of skaters and non skaters really set this place off. All I can say about this place is that it’s the shit! I love gnarly. And all there is to do is shed some blood and keep on skating. It’s good to get a session going with the homies, or just get your homie and go snap some shots, Gergis is the man when it comes to that. Sometimes I just want to go roll around by myself and he will just want to come kick it and watch. Next thing you know he is showing me all these sick pics – a stress free sesh and getting shots. Marginal Way has a lot more to have done and will become that much better.

                                                                                             – Spicolli aka the dirty central american hippie.

Spicolli tucking up in the mosaic tiled cradle.

Spicolli, aka the dirty central american hippie.


BJ Morrill. Front rock.

Spicolli. Frontside Transfer.

Spiccoli over the loveseat.

Spicolli transferring the Pillar Gap.

Pillar transfer.

BJ Morrill.

Spicolli transfer.

Spico. Lien to tail.

Spiccoli (left) and photographer Gergis Maximus (right).

Spicolli. Paying in Blood.

words by Spico

Photos: Gergis Maximus

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