Futaba tunnel – Fukushima, Japan

Futaba tunnel is one of the closest skate spots from the Fukushima nuclear plants. It was a hard and fun spot.

As you can know, a massive earthquake and Tsunami attacked north-east Japan three years ago. Fukushima is part of this north-east Japanese area.

We still can’t make sure if the Futaba tunnel is gone or not because the Japanese government won’t allow us to go into the periphery of Fukushima nuclear plants.


Desh. Nosepick. Photo: WADAPP

Desh. Nosepick. Photo: WADAPP

We can not go to Futaba to skate again in the near future, or perhaps FOREVER…

Kanko. Lien to tail.  Photo: WADAPP

Kanko. Lien to tail. Photo: WADAPP

And we must keep on thinking about radiation problems for the sake of kids for many years to come.  – Sadam

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Skaters in video:Tamago, Makoto Hino, KC, and Sadam. Filmed by Matt.