Greififornia Pool – Opening Party – Berlin

Words by René Haack  @no.spiritual.surrender_
Photos by Henrik Loos @henrikloos

The skate scene in Berlin and around was pretty ready and impatient for this event on September 1st. People visited the pool weeks before it was finished. But after five months of work, we were ready to open it to the public that Friday afternoon. Everyone was welcome: transition freaks, street rats, pros, beginners and punk rockers. We served them with BBQ, Greifi-merch, zines, cocktails (called Backside Powerslide and Crailslide), punk bands and they showed up in masses. We started with a fast heating up jam. First chance for all riders to skate this fresh pool. After we got rid of all our sponsored stuff for sick tricks and commitment, the party was ready to start with the bands Knast, BS Powerslide and Hello Pity. On the next day the pool was flooded and we are still partying there by 30 degrees.

Check out the article about the whole built coming soon to Confusion Magazine (issue 35).

Kaio. Backside Greififornia grind


Jan. Frontside highspeed 5050

Hirschi. Backside tailslide

Dave. Backside rock’n’roll

Henry. Frontside earlygrab

Nico. Blunt to fakie

Fred. Layback air

Dave. Frontside hurricane

Chef jona

Charly. Backside lipslide

Kerrie. Frontside tailblock

Last one standing

Local kid that rips

Matthies. Frontside air over the ladder

Max. Backside smith

Schlonzi. Transfer

Hello Pity

Tarek. Frontside crailslide

Gordo. Backside Disaster