Luserway – Germany

For about eight years, a couple of friends and I have been going on a skate trip for about a week around Easter time.

Spit and Stone skate bash – Sondika, Basque Country – Spain

“Nothing is better than going back to the classics. If you follow the ancient recipe, the cake will stoke the heard. Skate, beers and fire. That´s the way it happened in Sondika´s bowl, Basque Country. Many riders skated during the evening of the March Saturday 7th, but just a few dared to feel the fire on their shinbones when the sun was about to set. Smoked tricks over the fire taste way better than others. Crazy dudes didn´t even care about burning their hands while they pulled down some inverts on the flamed pool coping. Soldiers and best moves got tons of gear. It was a proper way to celebrate the launch of the Spitfire X Volcom product collab with the dogs from FVCK Skateshop supervising the action. Mission accomplished.”

Kampsa II on Fire – Basque Country

Kampsa II On Fire is a photo shoot that came up during one of the many filming sessions for the “20 years Kampsa” documentary which will see the light very soon. Thanks to some powerful spotlights, a fog machine and all the Kampsa people, we got a spectacular session.