iNDRAUSEN / “BROKENxPART”- indro martinenghi

When I lived in Spain last year I wandered around various skateparks sleeping under the stars with my OcN friends, cooking on the fire and filming.

Many of the clips I filmed have unfortunately been lost… and this d.i.y. project is called “Broken Part” also for this reason… but still, I decided to finish it, respecting that period that was magical as it was in every day, night, trick, trip without adding other clips outside of that time when I was to move back to Italy.

But shaping the video, giving my own sense, I added an introduction about skateboarding (and not only) which is something that I feel to be “broken”. There are some animations of my drawings which I hope will help to get this message I throw… who knows where it will arrive.

I’ve recorded the music in my room with the instruments I have, DIY as my other songs, and also as everything in this video! I’ve actually struggled to create and blend together all the elements in this project, but it’s all about me! 🙂

In the video I choose the metaphor of “fake flowers” because I find them shabby: the fiction of beauty is something I see a lot in this world.., in relationships, in values, in arts, in emotions… and what I talk about in the video refers to this… of appearance, of money, cars, fashion, underwear and anything that is easily available. Many people like growing up with these as “true values” and I don’t want to see skateboarding (and more) fall into this.

And for me, “art” born AGAINST this, an act of anger and sadness of the few ones, as a denouncement screamed against those many people who simply follow the world-not caring-course… that’s how I started skating.

And for me this is skateboarding… beyond the tricks.

But i think that when something becomes normal, it becomes for everyone, and it means that its decline has begun.

I believe that we should not support the simple dirt that these societies offer “to eat”. We should inspire to protect the hidden part, less worn, and more clear: values and roots, about skateboarding, or other types of values, which in a world like this, are now in short supply, because they don’t entertain… and they are boring.. and they don’t sell, they don’t sell…


Indro Martinenghi. Nose blunt in Benicarlò, Spain

The need of money is understandable, money is necessary, but precisely what is the right compromise to ensure that a reality can develop without getting dirty with the dynamics and trends of this world?

…it’s so easy to fall into hypocrisy…

And I think that every fire, every passion and purity, goes out, if not kept alive and clean. But this is also the beauty of it.


Indro Martinenghi. Wallride melon grab out in La Casita in Fuengirola. Malaga, Spain